Community Singing and Performances


"Your performance touched the hearts of those who grew up in the Yiddish and Ladino speaking world. Your talent bridged those of us less familiar with Yiddish [and Ladino] culture to its important meaning in our history. I appreciate your enthusiasm and warmth." 


WAYS OF PEACE builds community through a multicultural approach to Jewish learning, infused with song.

We are currently working on the recording of MA'AVAR: Jewish Melodies, Chants and Songs of Passage and Transition, which includes original music for spiritual care at the end of life. Please contact us for more information about how you can support this project.



"Long before professional performances or recording technologies, people sang to and with each other in families and communities ....I believe that this kind of singing is our human birthright." 


— Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips

Tablet Magazine (June 2013) 



Leading Hanukkah songs for the audience (Ocho Kandalikas and Mi Yimalel) at the December 2010 concert of the New York City Community Chorus. Singing begins at 1:59, following a spoken introduction. (Thanks to Jack Eppler, Katrina Art, and J. David Williams.)