Sober Awakening (and Not Just for Drinkers)

Rabbah and Rabbi Zeira made a Purim feast together. They got drunk, and Rabbah rose and cut Rabbi Zeira’s throat. The next day he prayed and revived him. The following year Rabbah said: Come and let us make a Purim feast together! Rabbi Zeira replied: Not on every occasion does a miracle occur. (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Megillah 7b)

Recent decades have seen a renewal of Mussar (spiritual discipline) among Jews of diverse backgrounds — while countless Jewish addicts, family members, and friends across the denominational spectrum have found healing through the Twelve Steps of recovery. Much can be learned from those who live by the Twelve Steps about how to apply the principles of Mussar to the challenges of daily life.

CountingDays_Cover07COUNTING DAYS: From Liberation to Revelation for Jews in Recovery guides readers through the season of spiritual development between Passover and Shavuot with daily reflections on Twelve Step principles, integrated with classical Jewish teachings.

It's a resource for students of Mussar and Jewish mysticism, chaplains, spiritual directors, synagogue leaders, Jewish Family Service staff, and all who care about healing the scourge of addiction within the Jewish community and beyond.

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