Life and Death: "The Pass" in Texas and Beyond


El Paso, Circa 1880 (F. Parker)


In 1887, a death in the small Jewish community of El Paso ("The Pass") galvanized the formation of the Mount Sinai Association to bury the dead, sustain the poor, and visit the sick. Join WAYS OF PEACE in El Paso at today's Temple Mount Sinai, as we renew the spiral of life!


From Caring Community to Sacred Fellowship

October 26th-28th, 2018 at Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso, Texas


How can we show up and accompany each other through the full range of life transitions — while keeping our own balance? Join Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips of WAYS OF PEACE as we discover a renewed equilibrium that integrates kindness and justice for these challenging times. LEARN MORE

Zombies...and Things That Come Back To Life

Tablet Magazine

"What is your position on zombies?" It's not something I'm usually asked as a rabbi, especially in the middle of a meal. (...) 

‘Tis the season for discussions of how kosher it is for Jews to celebrate Halloween. But the fascination with “the undead” provides ongoing opportunities for dialogue between generations on issues that go beyond costumes and candy. LEARN MORE



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