Vision. Lamentation. HOW?

Consider and call for the lamenting-women, that they may come; and send for the wise-women, that they may come. (Jeremiah 9)

img-handsWe are approaching Shabbat Hazon, the annual Jewish “Sabbath of Vision.”

At first glance, the “vision” of this Sabbath seems to be one of impending doom. The Scriptural readings prepare us for Tisha b'Av, our Jewish day of mourning for tragedies through the ages.

On Tisha b'Av itself, we'll read the book that is called Lamentations in English and Eikha in Hebrew. The readings for Shabbat Hazon also highlight the word Eikha—which literally means “How."

In painful, troubled times like these—when so many are lamenting what seems like the absence of vision—how we understand the word "How" may be our key to redemption. LEARN MORE